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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Nursing Candidates

We provide Alliance staff the availability of 4 hospitals to choose from and we always have assignments available within an 80 mile radius. The Staffing Alliance intends to build close professional relationships with its staff and provide high level support during your caregiving assignments. This will eliminate the stress around finding your next assignment because the Alliance is firmly committed to your professional development. Private staffing agencies are required to support multiple customers in several markets which takes away the ability to remain focused on working closely with you in a personalized way. The Alliance only supports 4 hospitals in the AMHS system which provides a more seamless focus on our caregiving professionals.

Absolutely not! The Albany Med Health System is both diverse and large enough where we anticipate the demand for healthcare professionals to remain consistent. Staffing Alliance team members will develop a communications rhythm with you and provide personalized career guidance for all Alliance staff on assignment. The Alliance will also advocate your professional preferences around work schedules, assignment lengths and help you plan for your next Alliance caregiving assignment. We are with our staff every step of the way!

A unique advantage you will obtain working for the Staffing Alliance is both choice and flexibility when it comes to planning for contingent caregiving. During your initial conversations with an Alliance Recruiter, it is important that you provide your facility location and schedule preferences so we can provide you with the appropriate assignment match. You can work any AMHS facility while working as an Alliance team member. You may also elect to remain with the same facility at your next assignment, should there be a staffing need that meets your skills requirements.

When you join the AMHS Staffing Alliance, you are joining an affiliated member of the Albany Med Health System. The Staffing Alliance and AMHS leadership are fully aligned on supporting Alliance staff members converting to a permanent AMHS facility employee, should there be mutual interest in the Alliance staff member joining that respective AMHS facility, and a AMHS Facility Supervisor expressing to the Alliance the intent to offer an Alliance staff member a permanent career opportunity. We look at these scenarios as a “triple win” – the Alliance staff member gains a great career opportunity, the AMHS facility hires a top performing professional, and the Staffing Alliance builds its reputation as a preferred talent supplier to the system.

This is one of many attributes about the Staffing Alliance that makes us unique from a private sector staffing agency. The Staffing Alliance recruiting team has established relationships with all four facilities to help you develop your career path as an Alliance staff member, as the team is regularly in contact with all hospitals on their contingent staffing needs. The Alliance recruiting team would typically communicate openings through your preferred method of contact, as well as personally schedule time with you to privately discuss your options when planning your next nursing assignment. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with all Alliance staff members and be an active partner with our caregivers when planning for future assignments.

The Staffing Alliance is firmly committed to providing its staff members the ability to choose what facility they can perform caregiving. The Alliance will represent and advocate for each staff member’s hospital choice. The Staffing Alliance may also communicate to its staff members where there is a priority need that is determined by facility nursing leadership.

The Staffing Alliance is a sister organization to the Albany Med Health System. This affords us the ability to develop close working relationships with our 4 facilities as we have an aligned mission, an easy onboarding process and a strong understanding of our affiliates’ needs. AMHS also sees the benefit of working locally with the Staffing Alliance, given its close proximity to the 4 hospitals, and convenient office location.

As long as you fulfill your commitment to complete your Alliance nursing assignment, we can work with you to help plan your time off and place you on another assignment after you return from your vacation. You will not jeopardize your working relationship with the Staffing Alliance should you choose to take time off between assignments.

Most assignments are 13 weeks in length. You are obligated to finish your assignment as contracted, but there is no contract binding you to work more assignments afterward. You can take a new assignment right after your last or take a break. It’s all up to you!

Simply apply online at: You can also call us at 518-400-2810 and speak with a recruiter, who can answer your questions and send you an information packet. Once we receive your information, we will begin discussing potential assignments that fit your profile. When you find the job you want, we will submit you for the job and walk you through the process from there.

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